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OnPoint is your partner in building energy-efficient, Green homes. We are a third party rating and verification contractor specializing in Home Performance Assesments, Energy upgrades, solar, and U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED for Homes Varification. We provide a wide range of services, including consulting, testing, and inspecting, in order to help clients create homes that are efficient and environmentally conscious. If you are ready to join the growing movement of homeowners who are making energy efficiency and sustainability a priority in their new or existing homes, we are your direct link to quality results. You have the vision…we’ll keep you OnPoint.

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  • Build an energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable home
  • Remodel your home to improve its energy efficiency
  • Certify your home and an EnergyStar® or LEED for Homes Green homes
  • Enjoy living in a home that is healthier, safer, more comfortable, sustainable and pays you back.
On Point now offering residential and light commercial solar hot water systems through velux the worlds largest solar hot water manafacturer. Velux is a fully intregrated solar collector with far supperior performance than most systems, no brackets, no unsightly pipes, no need to take off when you re-roof. Save 50-80% of your annual water heating and take advantage of the tax credits available as well. call us today 208-407-5414

Thinking of adding solar? With the cost of energy rising and the awareness of Green power options, improvement in solar systems, and incentives avaialble many people  are wondering about adding solar to their homes. But where do you start? what is the best system? solar PV? solar hot  water? solar heat or passive solar? Do you need a solar attic fan?  is your site location good for solar? Where do you start?

 On Point provides solar consulting and solar site anaylisis to homeowners that want alternative energy options. Educated in Passive and Active sytems On Point can provide vaulable consulting to answer your questions on solar. With our experience in Home Performance upgredes we will make sure you have  the information and the means to improve the performance of your home to get the best payback on the sytem you choose. Many homes can improve the energy performance of their home 20-60% therefore being able to add smaller solar sytems for a quicker payback.

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